Wilson-Norige Oil, Co. customers throughout Connecticut enjoy the wide array of heating services that we provide them in addition to fuel delivery. Take a look at what’s currently available below!


Heating Equipment Repair 

We pride ourselves as one of Connecticut’s most reliable home heating service and repair companies! If your heating equipment isn’t working as well as you think it should, give us a call or contact us online! In addition to making service calls to handle repairs, we also provide 24/7/365 emergency service for our customers experiencing a no-heat emergency during winter’s worst, day or night!


Heating Oil Service Agreement 

A Wilson-Norige Oil, Co. heating oil service agreement provides outstanding value and real peace of mind, for one low annual price! Our service agreement includes preventive maintenance that keeps your equipment running efficiently and reliably year after year, as well as coverage for parts and labor needed for certain repairs.

Click here to read our Service Agreement


Heating Oil Budget Plan 

Tired of watching your home heating costs rise during the height of the heating season? Wilson-Norige Oil, Co. customers can make their annual heating expenses more manageable with our budget plan! We review your past bills, then estimate your heating costs for the year ahead and divide the total into equal monthly payments (available in both 11 and 12 monthly payments)

A budget plan is a great way to control your fuel costs without turning down the heat and bundling up. With a budget plan, you stay physically and financially comfortable throughout the winter, because your payments stay the same no matter how much heat you need or fuel you use. 

To enroll in our budget plan, please call our office or contact us online.


Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

There’s no better feeling than never having to check your fuel levels ever again! With Wilson-Norige Oil, Co.’s automatic heating oil delivery service, you can leave your fuel supply in our hands. We’ll use your past fuel usage history and a degree-day weather tracking system to estimate how much fuel you’ll need, and deliver as needed.

Contact us online to sign up for automatic delivery.